Friday, June 29, 2012

Time Warp

     Today was a down day. After a long week of travel around Vietnam and a day of hiking at Angkor Wat we both needed some time to rest, and what better place to do it than our 4 star hotel we got on sale for $39 a night, including breakfast? I took advantage of the pool and sauna on our first night here, but today we needed to just hang by the pool and swim. After all we are getting a little tired and run down. My legs are tired of walking and Lindsay thinks she is getting a cold. We felt great until today...I don't know there is somthing about the jungle. Being brave and eating at a local place was probably not the best idea, either, but hey, I'm okay. It was so local...only one notch above street one of the poorest countries in the world. What was I thinking? oh yea, 'mmm deep fried tofu'. Also we needed to work on our tans for the next part of our trip, which starts tomorrow: the southern islands of Thailand.
     While searching the web for the best hotels at the lowest rates we had some confusion over the dates. What the hell date is it anyway? What time is it? There are questions I've asked many times on this trip. Well, sitting down with a calendar we realized we don't have two nights to spend in Phuket before going to the detox spa on Samui, we have three! This was exciting news. While in Vietnam the longest we stayed ín one place was 2 nights (and that was only once) so having three is a real treat. We can afford to relax a little more.
     Walking around the old market area of Siem Reap made us miss Vietnam. We both loved it there and wished we had more time. A trip back to Vietnam will have to go on the bucket list. We rested today but it does not feel like enough- we are a little ragged and worn, like our clothes which are in desperate need of lanundry service. I washed half of my things in the bathtub here but I want the rest of my clothes back! Oh yea, and washing by hand really sucks. Thank god I live in America where washing machines are handy. Well, we may be feeling washed out, but landing in the paradise that is Phuket will make it all worth while. James Bond island, here we come.

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